Stahlwille sockets are easy to use, even in the most inaccessible of areas. Our sockets feature a quick release function, which is especially handy if you’re working with greasy hands or in a tight space that may compromise your ability to work. Our products are ergonomically fitted to ensure they are safe, functional and easy to use. We manufacture our socket tools with these capabilities in order to reduce the chances of dropping them during maintenance. We also have driver bits, torque tools, and a number of power built tools to suit your needs.

Safety First - Quick Release

Stahlwille socket tools are designed to take the brunt of high transmission forces. Engineers and people working within the aviation industry often deal with corroded screws, which require considerable force and risk injury. Our products are specially designed to prevent uncontrolled movements through carefully considered design. Furthermore, our tools sockets are designed to prevent damage to nuts and bolts during tightening.

Safety First - Stahlwille HPQ Inserts

Stahlwille HPQ sockets are manufactured with your needs in mind. Tradespeople and mechanics using a cordless wrench or socket sets in tight spaces, and often have very little room to work with. Our tools are designed so that they do not slip off the head of the screw, or get subjected to excessive loads of weight. Stahlwille HPQ sockets meet aerospace standards and feature thin walls, which are highly desirable in the aerospace industry.

Summary of Features

  • Slim-design sockets suitable for accessing the most awkward spaces.
  • Innovative QuickRelease system ensuring full control over joint and ratchet.
  • Ergonomically designed 2-component handles for strain-free working.
  • Casing with chemical-resistant cutouts to prevent tools moving around.
  • Metal parts made of high tensile strength steels
  • Wear parts easily replaceable with spare socket sets.

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