Stahlwille tools for industrial application are of the highest quality. They have been designed to meet the needs of apprentices, engineers and tradespeople and are used by the most mechanical industries in the world. Our products are designed in Germany. They are crafted with heat-resistant alloys and designed with ease-of-use in mind, so that you can get the job done successfully each and every time. 

Heavy Duty and Built to Last.

Industrial tools are heavy duty. Stahlwille tools go above and beyond; they are created with high-grade materials, sophisticated manufacturing techniques and crafted by industrial designers to meet the needs of everyday industrial application. Stahlwille wrenches, sockets, and spanners are available in complete sets, and are crafted with the same sensibilities as the machinery they are used on. 

Easy to use each and every time.

Stahlwille tool sets are straightforward and easy to use. And have been carefully considered by thinking about the end user. For example, each sockets tool is carefully considered to take into account the frequency of use and the environment in which the product is used. Our products are designed with the extremes considered. You can rest assured that you will have a highly functional product to last a lifetime.