Pipe Cutters

Stahlwille pipe cutters are well suited for those working as plumbers. A number of our other tools such as hammers, chisels and files are popular with carpenters, builders and tradespeople. However, in our experience, we find that our tube cutters are not just used as plumbing tools. For example, they can be used for maintenance jobs, the workshop or even your next big project at home. We think that you will be satisfied with our pipe cutting tools, which are covered by a lifetime warranty.

Highly Efficient

Our pipe cutters are extremely robust. The express pipe cutter will do the job safely and efficiently. It is ideal for pipes made of steel, copper, brass, alloy and light plastics. Our straight line cutters reduce the chance of cutting at an angle. Furthermore, our efficient pipe cutting machine can be loaded with several cutting wheels to exploit efficiencies when working on pipes which only require a small amount of movement. We have ensured that the cutting edge is angled in accordance with cutting wheel geometry.

Heavy Duty, Vice like grip.

We manufacture pipe cutters that can cut through metal, plastic and which cater to more compact cutting. Stahlwille tools have a reputation for quality and are backed by a lifetime warranty. Stahlwille flaring tools are especially heavy duty as they can be used for making connections between pressurised pipes, according to professional standards. This tool has a heavy-duty clamp, which ensures that you work in a quick, efficient and safe manner.

Features and Benefits

  • Our tools are made from high-grade, wear-resistant steel
  • We guarantee long service lifetimes
  • Accurate cutting and no risk of cutting off at an angle
  • Our flaring tools are included with six flaring bits and two clamping blocks
  • Straight-line cutting guides pipe accurately through the cut
  • Our cutters can be customised and equipped for a range of different pipe sizes

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