Stahlwille Australia is proud to support our defence force with the highest quality tools. Our aviation, marine and auto tools, are used by the most experienced engineers in the defence force and are respected as such. Tradespeople and apprentices within the defence force rely on Stahlwille, which feature innovation such as the quick release system in sockets.


Stahlwille tools are renowned for providing the premium design goods that can be for a number of industrial applications, including heavy-duty automobiles, aviation and marine. Stahlwille tools feature a number of safety innovations and features that are applicable to various machinery and vehicles, which are of critical importance in an environment like the defence force. So that you need not worry about your tools falling into inaccessible areas during your repair work.

In Field and Workshop

Stahlwille tools are not only useful in the workshop but in the field. There is no other situation that is more dependent on premium grade, easy to use, and professionally designed tools. We recognise that the defence force has rigorous standards, which are applied throughout the whole chain of command. Similarly, we manufacture our products to be of just as high a calibre. Our aviation, marine and auto tools are created from a number of high quality steels, which feature heat resistant alloys and are built from compound-layer materials.