Stahlwille spanners feature load bearing zones, which distribute the force and minimise the overall levels of stress in the product. Our spanners feature a double-T profile which is resistant to bending and low weight. Stahlwille spanners are heavy duty and built to last. We manufacture our spanners in such a way, so as to ensure that they are suitable for practical use and can handle the turbulent conditions of your workshop. Our spanners sets are popular mechanic tools, which are lightweight and easy to handle.

Concentrated force for heavy duty usage

Have your car tools due broken from over-tightening? Are you worried about placing unnecessary stress on your adjustable wrenches. Our spanner tools are created with a concentrated force minimising the risk of breakage. We have designed the striking face double hex box-spanners for those extra heavy-duty jobs that require additional force. We also manufacture a number of tightening and loosening screws for added strength and compatibility.

LIghtweight and safe to handle

Our open-jaw spanners are snug-fighting, with a specially rounded finish to ensure that you can handle your tool with ease. Stahlwille spanners are designed in accordance with Quality Assurance Systems that are internationally recognised as approving quality assured products. Furthermore, our spanners are manufactured in such a way as to prevent strippage to the corners of your nuts and bolts. Stahlwille spanners are manufactured free of cadmium and therefore are suitable on titanium alloy parts and fasteners, which is important if you are working in an industry like aerospace, where safety is a critical factor.

summary of features

● Our spanners feature load bearing zones to distribute the force
● Our tools are manufactured to absorb stress and prevent breakage
● We manufacture striking face double hex box-spanners for heavy duty usage
● We manufacture tightening and loosening screws for high quality assurance
● Our spanners are designed with a rounded finish to ensure ease of use

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