Special Automotive Tools

Stahlwille manufacture the ideal compilation of automotive tools. Our products are designed to be an extension in your hand, so that the effort you put in is equal to the quality that you put out. We manufacture tools that are intelligent in design, with tools that are easy to grip and steel that is forged with special techniques for added durability. Stahlwille automotive tools are excellent value-for-money, feature a high degree of reliability and are excellent value for money. Our special automotive tools include spanners, sockets, electromechanical torque wrenches, and a range of other high quality products.


Stahlwille spanners are one of the most frequently used tools in the mechanics toolbox. Our spanners feature load zones that distribute force, which cause many standard spanners to break after continual application. Additionally, our spanners are easy to handle, with a shaft that has an increased resistance to bending due to our double-T profile innovation. Furthermore, we manufacture combination spanners, which permit high transmission forces to nuts and bolts without damaging them.


Stahlwille socket ratchets are another mechanics favourite. Our socket ratchets and sockets are designed to work accurately and efficiently. We manufacture ergonomically designed ratchets that are easy-to-use and can reach the most hard to reach places. Our ratchets also feature an innovative QuickRelease system, which allows them to be released at ease, so that you don’t have to worry about dropping them into whatever it is that you’re working on. Stahlwille’s QuickRelease system gives you full control over the joint between the ratchet, the adaptors and the sockets.

Electromechanical torque wrench

Stahlwille’s electromechanical torque wrench is is the only one in the world of its kind. It features all of the best aspects of both the clicking torque wrench and the benefits of an electronic model. Our electromechanical torque wrench is designed to be easy-to-read, with large, clear display. And it has an ergonomically designed 2-component handle, which is resistant to a number of mechanical fluids such as oil and grease. We manufacture the electromechanical torque wrench for accuracy and precision. It cuts to the required torque preset and indicates the gauge level with a clear, audible signal.