Impact Sockets

Our impact sockets are particularly well suited to heavy-duty work on a day-to-day basis. Stahlwille impact sockets have been created to support a great deal of weight. The Impact product range is covered by a lifetime warranty. They are designed to last. We think that they are the leading edge tools for professionals in a range of different fields including: automotive, electricial and panel beating.

Strong and Sturdy Products, Built to last.

Stahlwille tools are tough and sturdy. Each impact socket is made from a heavy duty chrome-compound material. Stahlwille tools are hardened during the manufacturing process in an oil bath to ensure that they are tolerant to a number of different environments. Our impact sockets are built to minimise the brunt of force from impact screwdriver to socket insert.

Professional Application

We think that our cordless impact wrench is particularly useful in those hard to reach places. Similarly, our impact wrench and driver bits are handy as they are built with precision and safety features allowing you to safely go about your work without risking the loss of your tools in machinery, or any damage of your applied surface. Stahlwille products are the smart choice for professional tools. Our impact sockets, powerbuilt tools and portable hand wrenches are ideal for people in the automotive, marine and aviation industries.

Summary of Features and Benefits

  • Impact sockets can be used clockwise or anticlockwise
  • Sockets have a firm and easy release setting
  • Metal parts are rigorously tested to meet professional standards
  • Sockets and adaptors can be easily replaced
  • Impact sockets ergonomically designed for real-world application

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