Screw Drivers


Stahlwille screwdrivers are used by tradespeople, mechanics, electricians and people in many other occupations. Our products are the professional choice with a unique design to reflect real-world application and effectiveness. In our experience, many of the people who use screwdrivers have trouble when working within tight spaces, or adverse conditions where various oils, and greases are present, particularly in the workshop environment. We manufacture screwdrivers that are safe to use and pleasant to handle with durability in mind.

Practical shape, practical use.

Our screwdrivers are standard mechanic tools and are used in a number of different industries. In our experience we find that mechanics, plumbers and people working within the defence force often work with oily or greasy hands. Each ergonomically designed screwdriver is ergonomically shaped according to application. The handles allow you to stay in control, with a firm surface that allows you to grip in a manner that allows for maximum impact. Stahlwille tools have an almost square shape which works towards preventing slips and gives you maximum leverage

Durable, tough and build to last

Stahlwille screwdrivers are manufactured from high-grade chrome alloy steel. The ratchet screwdriver and torque screwdriver and special auto tools are used by a number of technical people and professionals in many different industries. The one commonality they have is a need for durability. Our hand tools are hardened through compound layer materials and made of high strength steels. We manufacture screwdriver tools to be impact-resistant, featuring a one-piece metal cap for use in the toughest conditions

summary of features and extra benefits

● We offer four different handle sizes to suit a number of different applications.
● Screwdrivers come with impact-resistant caps for extra support.
● Additional tommy-bar hole for tough situations requiring extra torque.
● Screwdrivers sets are available in plastic inlays, tool trolleys and tool boxes.
● Ergonomically designed handles with considered handle components

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