We provide premium aviation tools for both repair/maintenance and manufacturing purposes. Our highly durable aircraft hand tools are designed with durability and strength in mind. Furthermore, our mobility and tool-storage products ensure that you never lose another aircraft tool again.



Our Aircraft maintenance tools are specialist products designed to last longer. They are made from high tensile strength steels, heat resistant alloys and compound-layer materials. Our products have a reputation for quality are a designed to last a lifetime. We have a lifetime warranty on all of our Stahlwille tools.


Our specialist tools are of a premium quality and are used for the manufacture of aerospace components. Our professional tools are used by the world's best engineers. We have a specialist knowledge of state-of-the-art machining and shaping technologies and are optimized tool solutions for every single application. We are also strategically aligned with research centers and universities, which gives us an insight into aviation manufacturing innovations. 

Never lose another tool

Our organised tool control system will ensure that you never lose another tool. Stahlwille tools are designed to fit our tool trolleys and boxes, with yellow signal cut-out to show whether all tools are in their places. Secure your tools with our heavy duty magazine cases, wheely boxes and tool tray systems.