Stahlwille pullers tools are a highly practical tool for removing ball bearings, gear wheels and pulleys from shafts or axles. Our bearing puller tool is available in two and three-armed pullers. The later is preferable as it evenly distributes the pulling force.

Strong, really strong.

Our bearing puller tool is designed with high structural strength. The flexural struts, calculated profiles and smooth guides give it extra pulling power. Our pullers are made from high-grade hardening and tempering. Furthermore, our Stahlwille pullers are equipped with a rounded impact head, so that when you can tapping your puller with a hammer after it has been tensioned, without worrying about any structural damage.


Our bearing extractor is popular with people who are looking for mechanic tools. We have a number of different pullers to suit the  automobile industries, such as wheel hub pullers and battery terminal pullers. The defence force, and other industrial sectors also use ball joint pullers when working with automotive tools. Stahlwille puller tools are the product of choice as they can be attached and locked, easing the ball bearing out, without causing any damage to the surface. Furthermore, there the close-tolerance, performance-matched jaw sizes ensure non-slip contact with the drive tool.

Features and Benefits

  • Rounded impact head to prevent structural damage from hammer impact.
  • Performance-matched jaw sizes for non-slip contact with drive tool.
  • Load-bearing hooks for tight spaces and shafts.
  • We manufacture pullers made from high-grade hardening and tempering.
  • Three-armed pullers are available for greater pulling force distribution.