Stahlwille Pliers, cutters & wrenches

Are you working with greasy or hands? No problem. Stahlwille pliers are manufactured with a grip that is resistant to aggressive fluids. Our pliers grips are also layered with a textured surface to prevent any slippage. We have designed them to absorb any shock from cutting hard wires. Furthermore, the user-friendly design ensures that our heavy-duty pliers don’t slip in your hands. We also ensure that all of our pliers meet the follow quality standards and testing, which include: voltage testing, electrical insulation, cold impact tests, pressure tests, PVC adherence and resistance to fire.

Easy to use and made to last.

Stahlwille tools are easy to use and built to last. We have a wide range of ergonomically tested plier tools that have been through a stringent testing period to ensure that the outer layer grips improve force transmission. Furthermore, our strain-free working pliers are manufactured to prevent pinch marks and other nasty injuries resulting from working with aggressive fluids. This is a culmination of using heavy-duty industrial plastic and smooth-action lap-joints.

Vice like grip that could save your life.

Our pliers have been stringently tested to reflect real-world application. The grips in particular have been proven to protect a user working with voltages over 1,000 volts AC. They meet current demands of EN 60900 and are individually tested to ensure consistency. Stahlwille pliers are also subjected to cold impact tests, pressure tests and fire tests. The former subjects the pliers to –25°C temperature for 2 hours in a freezer to ensure they don’t shatter when knocked. The latter subjects a load of 20 Nm and temperature of 70 °C.

We think you will be satisfied with a large range of products, which include a lifetime warrant. An electrician looking for copper cutters or a worker after plumber tools will both find our pliers suitable. The multipurpose nature of the product, cutting stainless steel tubing and PVC piping, make it indispensable. It can even be used as a hose cutter or anything else that you may need for the odd maintenance job around the house.

Summary of Features

  • Ergonomic designed grips to prevent pinching and slippage.
  • Stringent product testing meeting professional standards.
  • Strain free handling when cutting hard wires.
  • Heavy-duty plastics resistant to aggressive fluids.
  • Multi-faceted testing to include voltage testing, electrical insulation, cold impact tests, pressure tests, PVC adherence and resistance to fire.

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