Our marine tools are used for offshore work and boat maintenance. They are a safe and efficient solution that can be used by mechanical professionals and maritime enthusiasts. Stahlwille tools are of the highest caliber and are ensured to be durable, easy to use and secure with a number of tool tray systems available. Our products feature a number of safety innovations, such as the quick release system, which prevents tools falling into inaccessible areas. 


The demands of repair and maintenance mean that you may need a heavy duty mobile workstation. Stahlwille equipment is designed in Germany and manufactured to meet the most stringent specifications. Our modular protective casing and specially fitting area provides protection for your tools within each mobile trolley and magazine casing. So you can easily repair mechanical problems without damaging your marine tools or misplacing them during maintenance. 

Safe and Efficient Solution

Our marine tools are a safe and efficient solution to any offshore work required to your boat. They have been professionally designed to be of a premium quality, yet are priced affordably. Our products are thoughtfully crafted, and have been benchmarked and applied in many industries which require the use of professional tools. Our products, including any number of stahlwille spanners, wrenches and sockets are designed to last be durable and are backed by a lifetime guarantee.