Stahlwille Australia is dedicated to providing high quality tools in a country where mining is such an important part of the economy. Our products are second to none in terms of quality. They are strong, durable and come with a lifetime guarantee. Our special auto tools are suitable for the most arid and inhospitable conditions, with a range of tool trolleys, cases and magazines that are just as heavy duty.

Quality design

Our industrial tools are designed to last a lifetime. Industrial designers have crafted our special auto tools, sockets tools and other quality products in such a way that can match the extreme conditions of the mining landscape. Stahlwille tools are created in compound-layer materials from heat resistant alloys, with high tensile strength steels to solidify the shape. Stahlwille wrenches, spanners and sockets have a reputation for being the hardiest products on the planet. 

Ease of use

Our premium quality products are designed to be easy to use. Our tools are used by the best engineers in the world. And even though some of the machinery and projects being undertaken can get pretty complicated, it doesn’t mean the tools have to be. Stahlwille tools are created with the extremes in mind. That is why they also have an excellent reputation with domestic users.