Stahlwille tools are considered to be essential utilities by professional Motorsports practitioners and mechanics. Stahlwille comes from a long and rich history of quality and integrity. Our motor sport tools have likewise been involved in and influenced by many of the famous innovations in Motorsports such as Formula One, V8 Supercars and the Super-bike world championships.

A component of success

In Motorsports the pit crew is a vital component to the race drivers success. Likewise, the very best engineers in the world rely on the professionalism of Stahlwille tools for success. Stahlwille sockets, wrenches, and spanners have been involved in major Motorsports across the world and are well respected as a premium grade, heavy-duty product. Our state-of-the-art machining and shaping technologies are indicative of such quality.

Safety and Precision

Stahlwille tools are considered to be a must have professional tool when dealing with professional Motorsports, where there is a strong need for safety and precision. For example, The Isle of Man TT is one of the most dangerous races in the world due to high speed corners and very narrow twisting roads. We think that such demand for safety, precision and speed in Motorsports are fueled by such events, which can mean the difference between win and loss, life and death.