Torque Tools

Stahlwille torque tools ensure precision and accuracy every time. We manufacture our products to feature clearly readable twin scale (N m and, as well as noticeable double signals when desired torque is reached. Our tools are designed in Germany, which is the industrial design capital of the world. We think that you will enjoy the ergonomically styled handles, which are designed to deter grease and other similar oils. We specialise in manufacturing the following tools: electronic torque wrench/angle controlled wrench, electromechanical torque wrench, and mechanical torque wrench.

Electronic torque wrench/angle controlled wrench

Our electronic torque wrench is designed to be controlled without a reference arm. We manufacture these tools for simple handling and a free choice grip, so that you can do the job with ease and precision. Stahlwille electronic torque tools are designed with security in mind, so that you don’t have to worry that your products have been tampered with. We can ensure that they will consistently perform time and time again. Your readings are programmable via PC, which can also be directly stored, transmitted and simply displayed.

Electromechanical torque wrench

Our electromechanical torque wrenches are designed so that you work quickly, efficiently and safely. Our torque wrenches can be calibrated to perfection, with an automatic notification of the next calibration date. We manufacture this tool with the ability to be optimised for your unique working methods. And the visual red and green signals in the display confirm the status of the joint. The two component handle is also very easy to handle, with green softer layers resistant to fuels, brake fluids and Skydrol.

Mechanical torque wrench

Our mechanical torque wrenches feature a quick-release feature which gives you the optimum safety when working around heavy-duty machinery. We manufacture products that are technologically, second to none; Our mechanical torque wrenches have settings that can be selected quickly and accurately with one hand. Furthermore, the fail-safe settings mechanism ensure that you work with peace of mind.