Apprentice Tools

Stahlwille tools are premium utilities used by apprentices and engineers of all levels. They are characterized by heavy-duty design and are available in a number of different casings and mobile options. Our industrial tools come with a lifetime warranty and are guaranteed to last just as long. We believe in providing hand tools that are strong, heavy-duty and designed to meet the needs of the modern apprentice.

Quality design

Our products have been optimized for every single application. We have considered the users when designing our products. We have strive hard to make our Stahlwille sockets, spanners and wrenches be of the highest integrity and quality, which is indicative of the respect they enjoy today. Acclaim for our products are not limited to apprentices and tradespeople, but also the best engineers in the world.

Keep your tools under control.

Apprentices are always on the move, and often require a mobile workspace/storage container. Instead of relying on a makeshift toolbox with arbitrary compartments. Our toolboxes are specifically designed to keep your industrial hand tools under control. The yellow signal cutouts show whether all the tools are in their places, so that at the end of the day you don’t have to stress that you have lost any hand tools.